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January 16, 2014: My Laptop Might Die

Posted by Blakeoramo on January 17, 2014 at 1:55 AM

Recently, as of yesterday, my laptop was having a couple issues I could cope with for the last couple of years.  So I turned it off and took a break.  After my small break and went back to it and turned it on, and of course it was booting up, flashing lights on the power display, circulating the inner vents, but there nothing on the screen, not even a color exept for black.  Just black...  When all of a sudden it started to do a beep I never heard before in a pattern of 3 beeps, then silence and repeating.

Thinking from experience of my Xbox 360 having the red ring of death, I left the computer alone and decided to leave it alone until I could get on the internet to see what the problems were.  I was assuming that if I left it alone for 3 months with no power connected to it, it would back to normal. (Which it did for my Xbox 360 in which it came back to life again allowing me to use it again)

So earlier today I searched it up to see if it was a common problem which into conclusion, was indeed true along with a few sites saying it is either a RAM problem, or a graphics card problem.  And onto further inspection myself, the cost to fix it was around the same price as getting a new computer alltogether.  But if I were to upgrade, I would probably be stuck with a downgrade of Windows (Not so great) I meant 8.  The issue of fixing my beloved laptop was, "What if it broke again afterwards?"  "Would I then spend another good ol 800 bucks?!".  

That is main issue.

Leave a comment if you could help on what I should do, and I will see you next time. BOOP!

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