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November 30 2013: Dr. Alexander

Posted by Blakeoramo on December 1, 2013 at 1:30 AM

            Inspired from "The Mask" and Team Fortress 2's "The Medic", I present you Dr. Alexander, a scientific experiment to revolutionize the world, but turned into a disastor after a doctor named "Alexander"  inserted the top secret Human intellegance chip having all of his knowledge in it, thinking he could still share his brilliant inventions even after his died.  But the good concience chip didnt work correctly, causing the mask to absorb all of Dr. Alexander's Life energy which gave Alexander the ability to live forever and gave him the ability to go back and forth between human with mask and just mask. Dr. Alexander would sometimes attempt to take over random people but never succeded.

PrestonOpiepon made an agreement that he would be given the rights to make youtube videos about the times the doctor's bad side had taken over, but never quite suceeded.  So stay tuned on creepyhumor for more news and more Dr. Alexander and so on.

Until then my friends, peace out  :P

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